Who Am I?

I've been a professional in the fitness, nutrition, and health industry for the last 18 years where I've had countless certifications. I've been a personal trainer coaching thousands of hours of "In The Trenches" working hand in hand with my clients. I am a former CrossFit gym owner who lead Betsy Finley to become a CrossFit World Champion. Was able to help Gretchen reach the Boston Marathon. I've worked with women such as Esmeralda who have gained a whole new perspective on work-life balance.

On a more personal note, I'm a husband of 13 years to my high school sweetheart Amber. I have 4 children, Levi, Everett, Maxwell, & my youngest daughter Emmeline.

Now you might be wondering why does this guy care so much about women's well-being?!?

Well, here's the big reason, although I love having boys, I'm definitely drawn to daddy's little girl. Emmeline has me hook, line, and sinker! At her young age, Emmeline shows me the importance of being a great husband to my wife and an even greater father to her as well.

I aim to parent her the best way possible and that starts with loving Amber and showing Emmeline a man's love to his wife and then leading Emmeline to be a confident, independent, and strong woman so she can go out to live her life with a PASSION and DESIRE that is CLEAR and PRESENT with her daily. Providing her with an example of love is one of my greatest causes in my life. Twenty to thirty years from now, I can't see her living life any other way!

Nothing is more thrilling to see a woman take back her feminine power when she becomes confident in both her body and her life. There are countless number of examples of the breakthroughs that women achieve in many different areas of their lives. From physical achievements like the ones mentioned earlier to the inner confidence that breaks down barriers that are holding them back. Hence where Women's Body Breakthrough stemmed from.

It's time to TAKE ACTION NOW and change your life for the better! Don't hesitate, do something now!

Coach Brian


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