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Here is how Esmiralda lost 35 lbs, got a huge boost in her confidence that positively altered her career path, getting engaged, and allowed her to move back to her home state.

"I have lost over 50 pounds, my self-esteem is higher than its been in years, and most importantly when I look in the mirror I am loving who I see now"

Here is how Tiffany not only lost 20+ pounds, but also drastically improved her confidence, got a promotion and a raise to go with it!

Madeline got her energy back, became highly productive at work and was able to successfully lead her team. She has seen many promotions and is read to climb her corporate ladder.

"I guess a major point is a lifestyle change as well. The results aren't only going to last as long as the program does. I think that's a major selling point"

"Due to weight loss, I feel more confident to be the professional I am and it makes a difference at work. Brian not only becomes your health and fitness coach, he also becomes your friend"

Jackie came to me after she struggled to have lasting success. She was following one of those 1200 calorie or less diets doing Orange Theory multiple days a week not seeing any results. She was frustrated because she was working really heard to get the results she deserved. Learn more about her experience working together and see how you can have similar results too!