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Welcome to improving your health, nutrition, and fitness!

I'm excited to serve you with our time together! This resource page is broken into 3 sections Nutrition, Fitness, & Mindset for you to explore. Each section is prioritized top to bottom in terms of importance.

Please Watch First!

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  • Measurements Worksheet
    Measurements Worksheet

    Measuring along the program allows you to have complete control over your progress.
    Download this sheet and start filling in the next 12 weeks worth of measurements to ensure that you are making the correct decisions with the program to allow for proper progress.


Habit Based Transformation

  • Habit Based Transformation
    Habit Based Transformation

    Habit based coaching is a significant part of this program. Along with changing your fitness and nutrition, there should be a desire for you to start working on positive habits that will fill your life and make it far better than before. Making it better means making it easier for you to accomplish your goals because you are more aligned with your outcome.

    There are over 80 positive habits for you to choose to start working on.

    Refer to the Habits video found in the Mindset portion of the webpage.

Health History Questionnaire

3 Vital Questions You Must Ask Yourself In Your Health Journey

Listen in and ask yourself these powerful questions that will allow you to tap into unlimited potential to reach your desired body. Live an empowered lifestyle you can easily maintain!

The 4 S's To Your Health & Fitness Journey

Learn at what level "S" you are currently experiencing and identify how to shift into the next level "S" to get on your way towards the healthy & active lifestyle you desire to live

Sample of Our First Call Together

Here is an example of what our first call could look like together. Listen in, take notes to show up prepared and ready for the questions I'll ask, the items we will review, and what potential  "Your Action Steps" will look like. I offer this recording as a great example of how to set yourself of for success quickly!


Six Must Know Food Rules

In this video, understand These 6 Must Know Food Rules and be free from diets forever.

1) Why Energy Balance Is Most Important

2) How To Set Up The Perfect Meal

3) What Macronutrients Are And Why They Are The Basis Of Flexible Dieting

4) What Are Micronutrients

5) Nutrient Timing - How Many Meals and When To Eat Them

6) Supplements - How Important Are They

What Foods Should I Eat

  • What Foods Should I Eat
    What Foods Should I Eat

    This simple visual guide allows you to design the perfect fat burning meal. Follow the easy meal template today and boost your metabolism.

    It also doubles as a shopping list.

Meal Design Worksheet

  • Meal Design Worksheet
    Meal Design Worksheet

    The Meal Design Worksheet is here for you to pick 5 meals that you will completely enable you to be successful. Combining your meals in this manner will ensure the most fat burning type of meal possible.

    As humans, we naturally eat the same foods day in and day out. If we can start there and allow you to portion out foods better to achieve success then you'll have the sustainable results you want.

    Download and fill in your 5 ideal meals that you will truly enjoy. Once you get those portioned out then you can create 5 more foods.

The Healthy Nutrition Stack aka "The Simple Six"

How To Find Healthy Recipes

Easiest Portion Control Visual

  • Easiest Portion Control Visual
    Easiest Portion Control Visual

    Here's a great visual to help you understand what you should be aiming for each time you sit down to eat a meal. This is a go-to method for portion control when it comes to coaching new clients. There are inaccuracies to it, but it's a very practical and easy way to start gaining awareness towards success in the kitchen.
    Protein = Palm
    Fat = Finger (Thumb)
    Carbohydrate = Cupped Hand
    Vegetables = Fist

Kitchen Makeover

  • Kitchen Makeover
    Kitchen Makeover

    Making over your kitchen can have a powerful effect on your food choices. What's in the fridge or pantry will get eaten.

    Dive into this guide on how to clean out your kitchen and prepare to eat healthier.

Nutrition and Diet Structure

In this video learn how to set your day up for nutritional success so that your food choices align with your lifestyle. Most importantly, it easy to follow. Skip following complex food rules that make dieting more challenging than it needs to be.

  • Daily Diet Structure
    Daily Diet Structure

    Get the Daily Diet Structure worksheet to get leverage over yourself. Your diet should look similar day in and week out based on the foods and the timing of the meals you eat.

    Download this worksheet to set your nutrition schedule on autopilot towards your success.

Hydration - Why Do I Always Need To Drink So Much Water

Learn the importance of H2O .

Learn how much water you actually need.

Signs of dehydration.

Fun facts about water and the world we live in.

How To Read Nutrition Labels

  • How To Read Nutrition Labels
    How To Read Nutrition Labels

    One of the most important issues related to nutrition is reading food labels. Dive into this worksheet to further understand what your foods are made of and how they impact your daily nutrition.

Metabolism: How It Works And Affects You

In this video you'll learn how your metabolism really works. This will help you overcome any dieting "myths" and nutritional "laws" you may have heard about when it comes to your metabolism.

Fireplace Analogy

In this video, here is a powerful analogy to relate to your metabolism and how we want you to consider fueling fat loss rather than trying to starve it off.

Protein 101

In this video you'll learn all about protein.

-Where it's found.

-What it's function is in the body.

-Why it's important to include in your diet and when to eat it..

-It's function in building muscle.

How To Use Protein Powder

Protein Powder 101

Learn why you should consider using protein powder to help supplement your protein intake if you have trouble meeting your protein requirements for the day.

Also learn 3 easy to use recipes that you can incorporate protein powder in.

Super Shakes - What Are They and How Do You Benefit From Them

  • Super Shake Guide
    Super Shake Guide

    Learn what super shakes are and how you can include them in your daily nutrition choices. Learn how to build a super nutritious shake in a matter of minutes that meets your needs in a delicious way!

Flexible Dieting: How Do I Make It Work For Me

In this video, learn the simple concepts around Flexible Dieting that are reviewed in "Freedom Through Flexibility"

Freedom Through Flexibility

  • Freedom Through Flexibility
    Freedom Through Flexibility

    FLEXIBLE DIETING: What is it?
    It's a method of dieting that revolves around meeting daily macronutritional intake targets.

    Counting macros is superior to counting just calories. It allows you to focus on improving body composition. Once you learn what your food choices really are in terms of carbs, protein, and fat - you will be forever free from traditional dieting.

    Learn about how to use myfitnesspal for the flexible diet approach

Best Tools For Flexible Dieting

Best Tools For Flexible Dieting

  • Best Flexible Dieting Tools
    Best Flexible Dieting Tools

    This PDF shows you all the tools you need to get and use to have complete success with the flexible dieting lifestyle.

    Check out all of the tools that will boost your ability to have quick results.

How to Use MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is the go to app when it comes to Flexible Dieting.

Learn the In's & Out's of MyFitnessPal and how easy it is to track all of your macronutrients.  Do note that they continually update and change the look of the app but the functionality will be the same.

Calculate Your Own Calories and Understand How Much You Should Eat 

In this video, learn how to calculate your own calorie intake.

Learn what your basal metabolic rate is and how that affects the amount of food you should eat.

Learn what the calorie zig-zag is and how important it is for maintaining your goals even if you feel like you were off for a day or two.

Objective & Subjective Look At Your Nutrition Data

Collect and observe a week's worth of nutrition data from MyFitnessPal.

In this video, I talk about how you gain a better understanding of how your tracking is paying off with your results and more importantly how accurate it is towards you reaching your goals.

This simple tool is a great way to evaluate your progress over time and helps keep you in check with that progress.

How To Close The Macro Gap At The End Of The Day

  • Help! What Do I Eat
    Help! What Do I Eat

    Looking at your MyFitnessPal at the end of the day and aren't quite sure what to eat?
    Here are a few options that can point you in the right direction to help you fill in the macro gaps.

  • Macro Cheat Sheet
    Macro Cheat Sheet

    Still having trouble identifying what food is what? Check out this quick visual to identify what food generally is to help you close the gaps on your food choices for the day.

Recipe Nutrition Calculator

Click Image to take you to the Recipe Nutrition Calculator provided by

Volumetrics and Flexibile Dieting

When it comes to food - you can either eat a lot of low calorie dense foods and feel stuffed all day long.

You can also eat a bunch of higher calorie dense foods which could leave your stomach feeling empty.

Eating Out - How To Make It Work For Me

Nearly 35 tips on eating out at a Restaurant.


*How To Pick The Right Restaurant

*Tips On Ordering

*And More

The Donut Situation

What do you do in those "sticky situations" when sweets, treats and anything else that will throw you off your food plan arises?

FIBER: Why Do I Need To Eat So Much Of It


  • Fiber

    In this Fiber Guide, you'll learn,

    *What fiber is,
    *Why you need it,
    *How much you need,
    *50 Fibrous foods and their portions

Alcohol and How To Maintain Weight Loss

What do you do in those "sticky situations" when sweets, treats and anything else that will throw you off your food plan arises?

  • Tracking Alcohol
    Tracking Alcohol

    Tracking Alcohol
    Still interested in drinking for a good time or social event?

    Here's how to track it and still keep you on point and aware of your calorie intake.

Sugary Drinks and the Reality of How Much Is In Them

4g = 1tsp of Sugar

Sugar is prevalent in our society and is added to everything. In this video learn about how much is actually inside these common beverages you could purchase most places. You may be shocked and how much you see.

Important Note About Sugar

When reading nutrition labels, sugar should be less than half of the total carbs. Meaning is something has 30g of carbs in it then there should be 15g or less of sugar in that product.

What is Intermittent Fasting and How To Use It

Learn why this is one of my top nutritional strategies that will help keep you full feeling throughout your day and allow you to burn more body fat.

Dieting Breaks

In this video:

*Learn what dieting breaks are.

*Learn how and when to implement them.

*Learn the frequency that you should experience.

-Note that these apply a bit more to those who have been very studious through their nutriiton processand tend to work best to alleviate metabolic adaption

Food Addiction

Food addiction is, quite simply, being addicted to junk food in the same way as drug addicts are addicted to drugs.

Learn how to overcome food addiction and life a flexible lifestyle.

Under-Eating And How It Can Affect You Long Term

In this video, under-eating is something can happen over time and if you have fallen to the yo-yo dieting fads then you might have an issue with food.

-Learn what under-eating is.

-Understand basic caloric needs of the body and how to figure those out for yourself.

-See how under-eating can affect your physical, mental and emotional state of being.

-Learn why you have to play the long game to get our of it.

10 Key Fat Loss Commandments

In this video, learn about how these 10 simple strategies can completely change the way you look at how you approach not only food but fitness and overall health as well. Apply even one of these strategies then you'll see a major difference in the results you get.

How to Survive the Holiday Season

In this video, learn how to manage the stressful times of the Holiday, special events, and certain situations you may find yourself in when you don't have much control over the food choices or activities.

Top 10 Toxic & Healing Foods

In this video, learn what foods heal and which ones hurt you the most.

14 Day Fat Loss Sprint

  • 14 Day Fat Loss
    14 Day Fat Loss

    If you are looking for the fastest way to get to your results while cutting out all of the extras, then the 14 day Fat Loss Sprint is for you.

    This is very much an elimination diet in which you take out any type of food that is likely to slow your initial results down.

    Traction is what we want and following the 14 Day Fat Loss Sprint will get you there quick.

    This is a last stitch effort if you aren't having progress.

Achieve Your Ideal Body

  • Achieve Your Ideal Body
    Achieve Your Ideal Body

    In this booklet there is step-by-step guide to start with less then 20 pages stuffed with a workout, nutrition meal template, shopping lists, even a fat burning cardio workout for you to do.

InstantPot Resources - 30 days of Meals

Click Image - Source (

Eat This Much App - Meal/Macro Ideas

Click Image - Source (

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Exercise Training Pyramid

  • Exercise Pyramid
    Exercise Pyramid

    If you are looking for the fastest way to get to your results while cutting out all of the extras, then the 14 day Fat Loss Sprint is for you.

    This is very much an elimination diet in which you take out any type of food that is likely to slow your initial results down.

    Traction is what we want and following the 14 Day Fat Loss Sprint will get you there quick.

Exercise Frameworks


Learn simple concepts around exercise.

In this video,

*How To Construct Workouts

*What Type of Exercise Routine You Should Do

Mobility 101


Learn why mobility is significantly important to keeping you loose and mobile for all the activity you are doing.

Learn how to use:



*Lacrosse Ball

*Foam Roller

Body Weight Workouts - A Great Place To Start!

  • 20-20 Minute Workouts
    20-20 Minute Workouts

    These 20 - 20 min workouts are designed to allow you to workout even when the excuses are mounting.

    Take these on the road, in your living room, or to the gym to get some great calorie burned.

Without a doubt if you haven't been doing anything for weeks, starting with bodyweight workouts around 15-20 mins for 7-20 days will help your body and lifestyle start to shift towards exercise without overwhelming you to get to the gym and do a bunch of exercises you may not be familiar with or worst - make yourself too sore.


Find the "Anywhere Workouts" image above in the "Achieve Your Ideal Body" pdf.

How to Best Do Cardio

Humans were built to move. It's critically important that you move throughout the day. If you have a desk job or find yourself on the couch after your work day is over, you will definitely need to alot extra time to move.

Sedentary living has plagued our society more so now then ever before. From obesity, heart disease, diabetes, to depression are among the leading health issues for our nation.

  • Benefits of Cardio
    Benefits of Cardio

    In this continued section of Cardio, I detail out which cardio is best for weight loss and which one you should consider for yourself to do.

    We are always interested in progression whether that's walking turned into longer & faster walks or turned into running. Pushing yourself to the next level is important.

  • Best Cardio Workout
    Best Cardio Workout

    FIrst off, the best cardio workout is the one that actually gets done. After that - the best fat burning workout is unanimously intervals. 

    Listed in the "Best Cardio Workout" worksheet you will find 4 different styles for you to choose from that will be a guaranteed butt kicker.

Build Better Abs

  • Build Better Abs
    Build Better Abs

    In this video and pdf, learn how to design your own ab workouts that will build the muscle, tone, and definition you desire.

  • Ab Exercises
    Ab Exercises

    Here are 36 different ab exercises for you to include in your exercise routine.

Push Pull Workout Formula

  • Push Pull Workout Formula
    Push Pull Workout Formula

    The job was to create a simple and easy workout you could follow in the gym that not only was effective, but created the variety you wanted so you wouldn't become bored with it.

    With the Push & Pull Workout, these exact specifications are met! You'll know exactly how to build highly effective fat burning workouts with unlimited variety. Just download the pdf and watch the video for detailed instructions.

Real World Coaching for Exercise Prescription

  • How To Create Your Own Exercise Prescription
    How To Create Your Own Exercise Prescription

    In this video, I go through how I prescribed creating an exercise plan for Kelly and thought it was so good that I decided to post it in here. Download the image of the white board and follow along with the video.

12 Week Strength Training Program

  • 12 Week Strength Training Program (Beginner/Intermediate)
    12 Week Strength Training Program (Beginner/Intermediate)

    Follow this 12 week strength program designed for beginner to intermediate levels. This program allows for plenty of variety so you don't have to "feel bored" at the gym. You'll always be pushing your body in many ways too. Three separate months designed to build and tone your body using multiple different methods from body weight, machines, and free weight exercises.

Advanced 5 Week Strength Training Program

  • Advanced 5 Week Strength Training Program
    Advanced 5 Week Strength Training Program

    This exercise programming is designed for someone more advanced in their training and is looking for a challenge. If you are confident in your abilities in the gym and are up for a challenge, this will certainly fit the bill. There will be a variety of cardio, bodyweight, free weight, and machines used throughout the workouts listed.

Full Body Single Dumbbell Workout (Add In For Variety)

The Ultimate Body Weight Cardio Workout Resource

Check this video out to learn about some of the best bodyweight cardio movements. In fact, there are 70 body weight exercises crammed into less than 3 mins of video.

How you use this for a workout...

Pick 3-10 exercises, using an interval timer app, exercise for 60 sec with 20-30 sec rest between exercises, repeat up to 5 rounds of this circuit. this workout should last between 30-45 mins and performed at a high intensity.

Same workout - 4 rounds of 60 sec exercise/30 sec rest - Predator Jacks, Plank Toe Touches, Spiderman Mountain Climbers, Split Jumps.

Another way to build this into a workout is to pair the body weight cardio exercises with either body weight, machine, or free weight exercises. Use the same structure from above.

Same workout:  4 rounds of 60 sec exercise/30 sec rest - Squats, Predator Jacks, Pushups, Spiderman Mountain Climbers, Situps, Split Jumps.

(Resource is from Men's Health Magazine)

Next Level "In The Gym" Workouts (Intermediate/Advanced)

So you've evolved from the body weight workouts and the push/pull workout formula. So what's next? The "In The Gym" workouts are designed to help give you further exercise prescription for your gym workouts.

These workouts are designed to continue to follow the superset manner you experienced in the push/pull workouts to continue time efficiency alongside burning as much body fat/building muscle as you can.

The best way to approach using these is to alternate each of the Chest/Back/Shoulder/Full Body workouts with a cardio session. Allow a rest day every 3-4 days to allow your body to recover from the movement.

  • Chest Workout
    Chest Workout

    Perform Chest, Tricep, Leg exercises in this routine.

  • Back Workout
    Back Workout

    Perform Back, Bicep, Leg exercises in this routine.

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10 Mindset Shifts You Need To Create Momentum

10 Powerful shifts you must consider when making a change in your health and body.

The Power of Habits

What you do everyday determines how your results will be in your life. In this video, learn how to set and follow through on powerful habits and routines that will easily allow you to reach your goal.

Living a life that you are excited about your body and beyond comes down to your top priorities.

The Art of Motivation

Motivation can come and go but if you understand some key components to motivation, you can then draw upon it any time you want.

Learn a number of strategies and tactics you can start using today to get yourself motivated NOW!

Creating Space For The Most Important Person

Put on Your Oxygen Mask on First, Then Help Others in Need. 

Learn how to set yourself up for success from the start rather than chasing your tail as the day goes on.

There are a variety of strategies and tactics that will help you place you first.


How to set a powerful vision in which you will be unstoppable in the next 12 months.

This is a must watch to firmly cement in your targets you want to hit this year. This video involves guided meditation in which we will review the last 12 months, where you are at presently, and most importantly where the future will take you.

PLease have a pen & paper, and  an undistracted 60 mins to properly experience this VisionCast.

Enhanced Character Builder Exercise

  • Enhanced Character Builder
    Enhanced Character Builder


    The Enhanced Character Builder Exercise is to help guide you towards your future self. You know- the one who loves to workout, eat healthy and just have an overall active lifestyle.

    Fill this out and make it as accurate as possible so that you can dream up your future self and bring your future reality here and now.

Your Happy Place

In this guided meditation, you'll need to set aside at least 55 mins to deep dive into some of the most valuable training I have given.


The tools and resources that you'll cover will allow you to stick to your vision of yourself easier than ever. I've spent a lot of time and money researching to find these strategies and techniques.


You'll need quiet, paper, pencil, an open mind to absorb everything inside "Your Happy Place". You'll want to rely on the powerful techniques that resonate with you the most daily.

I Am Statement

  • I Am Statement
    I Am Statement

    The "I Am" Rule is a simple tool that undercuts
    most of the psychological weapons your brain employs to keep
    you from taking action, which will allow you to procrastinate less, live
    happier and reach your goals easier. You may not be able to control how you feel,
    but you can always choose how you act in situations.

The Clarity Worksheet

  • Weigh The Options - Make A Decision
    Weigh The Options - Make A Decision

    The Pros/Cons/Benefits worksheet is to help you make a decision. Weigh the positives and negatives of specific situations that you are stuck around.

    It could be giving up alcohol for the next few weeks or deciding on something more personal in your life such as a career move and relationships.

    When you write out all of the pros and cons of the specific situation, you'll then see the benefits to picking the outcome that would most benefit you.

Why Journal

  • The Power of Journaling
    The Power of Journaling

    Listed in this worksheet is all you need to know to get started with journaling. Out of all the things that I've searched through - many say that journaling is one of their top productive secrets to being successful.

    Download the notes and start today to learn more about yourself and live in gratitude.

How Self-Control and Delayed Gratification are Critical to Your Success

The Marshmallow Test - In these studies, a child was offered a choice between one small reward provided immediately or two small rewards if they waited for a short period, approximately 15 minutes, during which the tester left the room and then returned. In follow-up studies, the researchers found that children who were able to wait longer for the preferred rewards tended to have better life outcomes.

It pays to delay gratification for the long haul of satisfaction in your life.

How To Be Productive During Busy 16 Hour Days

Discover simple strategies and tactics to allow you to have the most success possible despite an overly busy schedule. The time will pass regardless, what matters is your intentions around that time. When you create intention in busy days to still have success in that day to push you towards your goals, you'll stay on target, feel more successful in your health journey, and not slow down.

Deck of Cards - Productivity Exercise

A key productivity strategy for you to learn how to properly manage all of your needs, wants, and desires in your life.

3 Day Time Audit

You might think you don't have any time and you are so busy but everybody wastes time. You have opportunities throughout your day to have better time management to get more of what's important done.

Take rthis 3 day time audit to open your eyes to see how you spend your time and where you can improve your efforts to get healthier.

What Is Love? Self-Love and Why It's So Important

Understand what self-love is and how to use it to your advantage in every situation you come into.

Clarify what self-love is and how it differs from low self-esteem.

Learn how to create influence inside yourself to quiet the inner critic inside through 7 steps.

What's the rubber band test and how to use it.

Sleep, Why Do I Need It?

In this video learn more about sleep and why it's so important to your health. See how it impacts your body and best sleep habits to adopt.

Have Your iPhone Work For You (Productivity)

Resource: Better Humans

The iPhone could be an incredible tool, but most people use their phone as a life-shortening distraction device.

However, if you take the time to follow the steps in this article you will be more productive, more focused, and — I’m not joking at all — live longer.

Have Your Android Work For You (Productivity)

Resource: Better Humans

Your Android can be an incredible tool, but most people use their phone as a life-shortening distraction device.

However, if you take the time to follow the steps in this article you will be more productive, more focused, and — I’m not joking at all — live longer.

Have Your Android Work For You (Productivity)

Resource: Better Humans

Your Android can be an incredible tool, but most people use their phone as a life-shortening distraction device.

However, if you take the time to follow the steps in this article you will be more productive, more focused, and — I’m not joking at all — live longer.

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