I Help Overweight Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders Overcome Poor Health Situations Through Science-Backed Coaching Methods

Without Sacrificing Their Family or Business

Do You Want to Confidently Lead in A Body You are Proud Of?

I Consistently Help High-Performance Professionals Overcome Nutrition, Fitness, Bodyweight, and Health Concerns To Perform At Their Best

Results Speak for Themselves

Debo Ray, a Grammy-nominated singer and vocal professor, shares her inspiring transformation journey.


👉 Debo lost 29 lbs in 12 weeks by adopting a balanced, flexible approach to nutrition.
👉 Debo reveals her secrets for balancing work and life, emphasizing key performance indicators and return on investment strategies.
👉 From show performances to traveling all over the world, she understands how to show up ready to perform at her best.

Watch Colton as a busy business owner shares how he went from neglecting his nutrition to dropping 30 lbs in under 12 weeks despite relocating



👉 Colton relocates and sets up a new home during our coaching.

👉He sought coaching to improve his health/fitness, feeling like he had lost himself over the years.

👉Optimized his nutrition through science-backed information

👉More productive than he has felt in years!

👉Seeing big changes to his now more muscular physique.

Watch as Alphonso describes his 90 plus 🔥 pound transformation into more confidence than he can handle while traveling weekly for work!


👉 Alphonso found how flexible dieting can work for him despite where he is ever currently located.

👉 His transformation was motivated by a desire for better health, both for himself and his family.

👉 Once struggle with his nutrition due to the convenience of fast food and stressful emotional eating.

👉 He sought coaching and guidance to address his weight issues, and ever increasing health concerns

👉 Alphonso’s weight loss journey not only improved his physical health but also boosted his confidence, career opportunities, and ability to pursue his passion for Jiu-Jitsu.

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From ROI to KPI

I understand the world in which you operate every day!


For over 15 years, I’ve worked with High Performers, Executives, and many other Business Leaders who many have families, regularly travel, and demanding work schedules.


Through thousands of conversations, I’ve figured out the only way to create optimum health, flexible nutrition, and an effective fitness regimen with an ROI that LASTS is by creating one that fits into your everyday lifestyle – the way you live every single day.


It’s not by forcing old 1980’s diet culture fads or not eating most of the day or cutting out carbs or spending hours a week you don’t have in a gym.


You understand the KPIs of your Business, BUT you need to understand your Key Performance Indicators for your health!

👉 Lead from the front with a body you feel confident with your physical health as you do your business!

👉 Optimizing high level of productivity to get things done!

👉 Create a healthy influence for your family in which you lead by example!

👉Increase your level of Daily Activity without having to do to the gym for hours!


👉 Meet the visionary demands of your business!

Together, we will accomplish this through a flexible nutrition plan that aligns with your natural eating habits (without any restrictive food lists). We will focus on personalized exercise routines that can be adapted to your schedule, and location tailored to your individual needs.


You need a PREMIUM solution focusing on a customized approach based on your needs.


With daily coaching support, you’ll be able to seek advice on typical real-life situations…

👉 Managing client dinners and airport food with ease!

👉 Juggling a super busy work & travel schedules while still prioritizing focus on your health!

👉 Effective and efficient workout routine that energizes you for peak performance!



This will avoid feeling like you fell off track and then have to start over again on “Monday”. You won’t have to deal with this situation ever again.


By focusing on science-backed information implemented through common sense strategies, you’ll be able to create sustainable behaviors and habits.


While fad diet exercise programs may give you temporary results, true mentorship with a customized program teaches you the skill of sustainability for your health.


It’s time to have an HONEST discussion with yourself about what is really going on in your life. Improving your health, nutrition, fitness, and habits will make a significant difference.

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Who is Coach Brian

I help Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders & Owners improve their health, lose weight in 12 weeks (20-30lbs) with Lifestyle/Behavioral Change coaching,

With over 20 years of experience as a coach in the health and fitness industry, I keep it straight to the point with no gimmicks and fads, just results based on science and thousands of hours of experience!

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Momentum is a very interactive customized program designed with leaders in mind. I use the SANE Approach to get you as an individual out of the rut you are stuck in and experience the results you want. Click the link below to learn more on how I can help you optimize your health and lifestyle!