Module 16
Achieve Your Success

Achieve Your Ideal Body

In this booklet there is step-by-step guide to start with less then 20 pages stuffed with a workout, nutrition meal template, shopping lists, even a fat burning cardio workout for you to do.

Advanced 5 Week Strength Training Program

This exercise programming is designed for someone more advanced in their training and is looking for a challenge. If you are confident in your abilities in the gym and are up for a challenge, this will certainly fit the bill. There will be a variety of cardio, bodyweight, free weight, and machines used throughout the workouts listed.

The Clarity Worksheet

Weigh The Options – Make A Decision

The Pros/Cons/Benefits worksheet is to help you make a decision. Weigh the positives and negatives of specific situations that you are stuck around.

It could be giving up alcohol for the next few weeks or deciding on something more personal in your life such as a career move and relationships.


When you write out all of the pros and cons of the specific situation, you’ll then see the benefits to picking the outcome that would most benefit you.