Module 2
What Foods Should I Eat

Six Must Know Food Rules

In this video, understand These 6 Must Know Food Rules and be free from diets forever.


1) Why Energy Balance Is Most Important

2) How To Set Up The Perfect Meal

3) What Macronutrients Are And Why They Are The Basis Of Flexible Dieting

4) What Are Micronutrients

5) Nutrient Timing – How Many Meals and When To Eat Them

6) Supplements – How Important Are They

How To Find Healthy Recipes

Crack the code to delicious meals that help you reach your goals.

In this video you’ll learn:

– Emphasis on resourcefulness: Use Google as the ultimate cookbook

– Example search keywords: “healthy high protein low carb recipes”

– Recipe examples: Zucchini boats, zucchini noodle carbonara

– Snack ideas: Jerky, trail mix, turkey roll-ups, no-bake energy bites

Here’s my recipe text I share with clients all the time…


🥦Cookbook/Recipe ideas🥕

There are thousands of recipes that you can get to fit your nutritional lifestyle!


Let’s just use google to find great places to find them.


👉It’s really important to remember you have complete control over the portions and ingredients that go into a recipe.

Something has too much fat… lower the portion of the fat containing ingredient. Has too many carbs, lower the portion or substitute for a lower carb option. There is an ingredient you don’t have or want to buy, skip it or swap for another!


These are just a few to get you started in no particular order…

👉Hungry Girl –

👉Skinny Taste –

👉Jamie Oliver 5 Ingredients (a more elegant approach to meals) –

Do consider swapping out ingredients or reducing some if you may not have a particular item in your house or don’t regularly eat.

👉The Real Dietitians –

👉Macro Friendly Food –

👉Eat This Much an automatic meal planner –


**Here are different keyword search terms that you are able to find a variety of different enjoyable meals.

👉Low calorie macro friendly recipes –

👉Low calorie macro friendly desserts –

👉Low calorie macro friendly snacks –


**Check this out for a wide variety of meal ideas to inspire you to try something different.

Just make sure to portion appropriately for your needs.

👉16 meal ideas –

For this pinterest style website, use these as ideas to help create variety! 

Tons of ideas all geared toward higher protein, moderate carb, and lower fat approach.    

Easiest Portion Control

Here’s a great visual to help you understand what you should be aiming for each time you sit down to eat a meal. This is a go-to method for portion control when it comes to coaching new clients. There are inaccuracies to it, but it’s a very practical and easy way to start gaining awareness towards success in the kitchen.
-Protein = Palm
-Fat = Finger (Thumb)
-Carbohydrate = Cupped Hand
-Vegetables = Fist