Module 6
Daily Habits Make A Difference

Sleep Why Do We Need It

– Importance of Sleep: Highlighted the significance of sleep in fitness recovery and nutrition.

– Personal Experience: Shared personal experiences with sleep deprivation and its impact on health and daily life.

– Sleep Cycles: Discussed the two main sleep cycles, REM and non-REM, and their stages.

– Circadian Rhythm: Explained the body’s natural 24-hour rhythm, influencing wakefulness, sleep, hunger, and other aspects.

– Positive and Negative Effects of Sleep: Covered various effects, including reduced stress, improved recovery, memory enhancement, weight loss, and negative consequences like slower reaction times and increased health risks.

Nutrition and Diet Structure

 The video discusses the importance of simplifying nutrition and diet structures for success without unnecessary stress.


– Eliminating Resistance: Eliminate resistance in approaching nutrition by creating a plan that fits into your lifestyle.

– Importance of Planning: Planning is highlighted as a crucial factor for success in maintaining a healthy diet. Without planning, there is inconsistency and a lack of long-term stability.

– Understanding Nutrition Labels: The significance of understanding nutrition labels playing a role in your food and calories.

– Structuring Meals: Multiple meal options for each time of day are recommended, emphasizing the importance of having a variety of options and not limiting oneself. 


Emphasize the need for a well-thought-out, flexible, and varied approach to nutrition, integrating planning and understanding nutritional content.

What is Intermittent Fasting and How to Use It

I like to describe Intermittent Fasting as a Food Window. 

A daily time frame for eating, typically ranging from 12 to 16 hours, starting after the last meal of the day and ending in the morning.

This is a tool in the nutrition toolbox for you to help manage calories which leads to weight loss.

Build Better Abs

In this video and pdf, learn how to design your own ab workouts that will build the muscle, tone, and definition you desire.

Ab Exercises

Here are 36 different ab exercises for you to include in your exercise routine.