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Welcome to Improving Your Health, Nutrition, and Fitness!

I’m excited to serve you with our time together!

This starting page is all you need to complete for out first call!

Once complete, please continue into the next many modules to help you learn as much as you can on topics of Nutrition, Fitness, & even more importantly Mindset!

Each module is broken down into 3-5 smaller chunks of content to make it easy to consume the information. Some of the information may resonate with you more than others. I’ve covered a pretty large amount of content to help you achieve your goals! 

There are 16 modules in total. Please don’t “firehose” the information and try to knock it out as fast as possible. You may need to read, watch, or listen to content more than a few times for it to sink into your brain!

First Call Prep Video

Please go through this video BEFORE our first call in it's entirety completing all tasks asked for from the instructions I give in it. Here's a link to the slides if you need them to follow along!

TODO's Before our First Call

Please ensure to fill out the forms below and watch the “First Call Prep Video” and taken great notes before our first call together.  If you have time, listen to the Sample 1st call – If not before, then afterward to sink in all the things we talk about.


Measuring along the program allows you to have complete control over your progress.

Download this sheet and start filling in the next 12 weeks worth of measurements to ensure that you are making the correct decisions with the program to allow for proper progress.


Habit Based Transformation

Habit-based coaching is a significant part of this program.

Along with changing your fitness and nutrition, there should be a desire for you to start working on positive habits that will fill your life and make it far better than before.


Improving it means making it easier to accomplish your goals because you are more aligned with your outcome.


There are over 80 positive habits for you to choose to start working on.

Health History

Please fill this questionnaire out and email to so I can better serve you.

Weekly Check-In Sheet

The purpose of this document is to ensure we are both on track to creating OUTSTANDING OUTCOMES together.

Please fill this out before our call to Fast-Track our conversation to the focal points that matter most!. The scale is out of 36 and is all tracked on your own perception of progress.

It’s not about being PERFECT but about MAKING PROGRESS!


Directions: Fill out before each coaching call for the second coaching call moving forward. Either print & write then send picture. Take a screenshot and use the “Mark Up” feature to circle or highlight. Answer in a “Notes” function on your phone.


**OPTIONAL** Sample First Call Audio

Only listen to after you’ve covered the First Call Prep Video. The information will help reinforce everything we cover and more.

Table Of Contents

Below are listed each of the trainings available. Please click on the trainings that catch your eyes the most. Some trainings will and others won’t. I’ve tried to cover a significant part of living a healthy lifestyle.


To easily navigate between modules the URLs are just,,, all the way to You can quickly and easily navigate through the modules by changing the digits at the end of the URL. 

You can easily navigate back to this page by using the URL

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