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This main page sites all of the main tools I have my clients use through our work together. At the bottom, there are 3 BUTTONS that will take you to the Nutrition, Fitness, & Mindset webpages which break each category into its own section  for you to explore. Each section is prioritized top to bottom in terms of importance.

Please Watch First!

(Special Instructions - Click on PDF icon to download the pdf. If any video were not to play in your browser, check another browser, enable flash on, or simply click the "YouTube" symbol in the video player that pops up.)


First Call Prep Video

  • First Call Slidedeck
    First Call Slidedeck

    Please go through this video BEFORE our first call in it's entirety completing all tasks asked for from the instructions I give in it.

Weekly Check-In Sheet

Must Fill Out and Turn In Before Every Call

  • Weekly Check In Worksheet
    Weekly Check In Worksheet

    The purpose of this document is to ensure we are both on track to creating OUTSTANDING OUTCOMES together.

    Please fill this out before our call to Fast-Track our conversation to the focal points that matter most!. The scale is out of 36 and is all tracked on your own perception of progress.

    It’s not about being PERFECT but about MAKING PROGRESS!

    Directions: Fill out before each coaching call. Either print & write then send picture. Take a screenshot and use the “Mark Up” feature to circle or highlight. Anwser in a “Notes” function on your phone. EASIEST WAY POSSIBLE!!!


  • Measurements Worksheet
    Measurements Worksheet

    Measuring along the program allows you to have complete control over your progress.
    Download this sheet and start filling in the next 12 weeks worth of measurements to ensure that you are making the correct decisions with the program to allow for proper progress.


Habit Based Transformation

  • Habit Based Transformation
    Habit Based Transformation

    Habit based coaching is a significant part of this program. Along with changing your fitness and nutrition, there should be a desire for you to start working on positive habits that will fill your life and make it far better than before. Making it better means making it easier for you to accomplish your goals because you are more aligned with your outcome.

    There are over 80 positive habits for you to choose to start working on.

    Refer to the Habits video found in the Mindset portion of the webpage.

Health History Questionnaire

3 Vital Questions You Must Ask Yourself In Your Health Journey

Listen in and ask yourself these powerful questions that will allow you to tap into unlimited potential to reach your desired body. Live an empowered lifestyle you can easily maintain!

The 4 S's To Your Health & Fitness Journey

Learn at what level "S" you are currently experiencing and identify how to shift into the next level "S" to get on your way towards the healthy & active lifestyle you desire to live

Sample of Our First Call Together

Here is an example of what our first call could look like together. Listen in, take notes to show up prepared and ready for the questions I'll ask, the items we will review, and what potential  "Your Action Steps" will look like. I offer this recording as a great example of how to set yourself of for success quickly!



Six Must Know Food Rules

In this video, understand These 6 Must Know Food Rules and be free from diets forever.

1) Why Energy Balance Is Most Important

2) How To Set Up The Perfect Meal

3) What Macronutrients Are And Why They Are The Basis Of Flexible Dieting

4) What Are Micronutrients

5) Nutrient Timing - How Many Meals and When To Eat Them

6) Supplements - How Important Are They


The "Ins & Outs" of Flexible Dieting

In this video, understand the Ins & Outs of thousands of conversations with clients on how to create a "middle gear" around nutrition and dieting. (Follow along with the pdf attachment - apologies for some of the blurry images due to the upload process)

1) Defining What Health Is

2) Proper Macronutrients/Calories/Portions/Meal Design

3) How To Read A Nutrition Label

4) All Liquid Consumption

5) Best Ways To Use Supplementation

6) How To Manage Recipes

7) Still Not Losing Weight

8) Other Frequently Asked Questioned

What Foods Should I Eat

  • What Foods Should I Eat
    What Foods Should I Eat

    This simple comprehensive not complete visual guide allows you to design the perfect fat burning meal. Follow the easy meal template today and boost your metabolism.

    It also doubles as a shopping list.

Meal Design Worksheet

  • Meal Design Worksheet
    Meal Design Worksheet

    The Meal Design Worksheet is here for you to pick 5 meals that you will completely enable you to be successful. Combining your meals in this manner will ensure the most fat burning type of meal possible.

    As humans, we naturally eat the same foods day in and day out. If we can start there and allow you to portion out foods better to achieve success then you'll have the sustainable results you want.

    Download and fill in your 5 ideal meals that you will truly enjoy. Once you get those portioned out then you can create 5 more foods.

Spot The Difference in Calories

  • Spot The Difference in Calories
    Spot The Difference in Calories

    The Spot the Difference pdf is here for you to see the small differences between a modest amount of calories and much larger portions. The plates sometimes look just about the same but the calories have a much bigger gap. Can you spot the difference?

How To Find Healthy Recipes

Easiest Portion Control Visual

  • Easiest Portion Control Visual
    Easiest Portion Control Visual

    Here's a great visual to help you understand what you should be aiming for each time you sit down to eat a meal. This is a go-to method for portion control when it comes to coaching new clients. There are inaccuracies to it, but it's a very practical and easy way to start gaining awareness towards success in the kitchen.
    Protein = Palm
    Fat = Finger (Thumb)
    Carbohydrate = Cupped Hand
    Vegetables = Fist

How To Read Nutrition Labels

  • How To Read Nutrition Labels
    How To Read Nutrition Labels

    One of the most important issues related to nutrition is reading food labels. Dive into this worksheet to further understand what your foods are made of and how they impact your daily nutrition.

Flexible Dieting: How Do I Make It Work For Me

In this video, learn the simple concepts around Flexible Dieting that are reviewed in "Freedom Through Flexibility"

Freedom Through Flexibility

  • Freedom Through Flexibility
    Freedom Through Flexibility

    FLEXIBLE DIETING: What is it?
    It's a method of dieting that revolves around meeting daily macronutritional intake targets.

    Counting macros is superior to counting just calories. It allows you to focus on improving body composition. Once you learn what your food choices really are in terms of carbs, protein, and fat - you will be forever free from traditional dieting.

    Learn about how to use myfitnesspal for the flexible diet approach

Best Tools For Flexible Dieting

  • Best Flexible Dieting Tools
    Best Flexible Dieting Tools

    This PDF shows you all the tools you need to get and use to have complete success with the flexible dieting lifestyle.

    Check out all of the tools that will boost your ability to have quick results.

Calculate Your Own Calories and Understand How Much You Should Eat 

In this video, learn how to calculate your own calorie intake.

Learn what your basal metabolic rate is and how that affects the amount of food you should eat.

Learn what the calorie zig-zag is and how important it is for maintaining your goals even if you feel like you were off for a day or two.

Objective & Subjective Look At Your Nutrition Data

Collect and observe a week's worth of nutrition data from MyFitnessPal.

In this video, I talk about how you gain a better understanding of how your tracking is paying off with your results and more importantly how accurate it is towards you reaching your goals.

This simple tool is a great way to evaluate your progress over time and helps keep you in check with that progress.

InstantPot Resources - 30 days of Meals

Click Image - Source (

10 Mindset Shifts You Need To Create Momentum

10 Powerful shifts you must consider when making a change in your health and body.

The Art of Motivation

Motivation can come and go but if you understand some key components to motivation, you can then draw upon it any time you want.

Learn a number of strategies and tactics you can start using today to get yourself motivated NOW!

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