Who Is Coach Brian

I’m a husband, father of 4 & travel enthusiast

I’ve been active from a young age in high school starting with Track & Field. From there, I pursued running into my college years. Running has taken me on many adventures through multiple marathons such as Boston & Marine Corps, and even into racing Olympic distance triathlons.


I was fortunate to graduate in 2005 with an Exercise Science and Nutrition degree. One reason I chose this profession is I absolutely love working with people to help transform their bodies and ultimately their lives! Blending both exercise and nutrition through improving lifestyle habits/behaviors is scientifically proven to be the best strategy to change our bodies mainly when applied in an individualized approach.


My career started the first 6 years in a traditional gym as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor teaching “Phenomenal Abdominal” ab class. I had the fortune of working with hundreds of everyday people who manage busy schedules, families, and careers to help them better understand how to balance exercise, nutrition, and well-being. This gave me the core foundations of figuring out what the best way is to support the people I work with.


After my time as a personal trainer and nutrition expert, I decided to open up my gym. I owned and operated 2 CrossFit gyms over 5 years in which I worked with thousands of clients.


At this point, I was able to develop a high level of coaching my clients. If I had a claim to fame, it would be taking Betsy Finley to the CrossFit Games in which she became a CrossFit World Champion! Watch the video clip HERE 



Since selling off my gyms, I’ve chosen to focus my coaching abilities on helping others understand nutrition, fitness, and overall health to better design their lifestyles. Through these client experiences I’ve sharpening my skill sets and capacities to help you meet your overall health and weight loss goals.



It’s finally time to get the help you deserve from a seasoned professional that’s done the work to create high value and impact in my client’s world. I now live to serve my clients to the best of my abilities and allow them to reach the goals they’ve wanted for themselves.


Serving Entrepreneurs, Business Owners/Leaders, and High-Level Professionals are the clients I resonate with the best.


Outside of serving my clients, I have a wife of almost 20 years and we take care of our 4 children – so I know what busy is! We love to travel and have our sights set on visiting all 50 states (We’ve knocked out 41 so far) and even started our international travels to the UK, Costa Rica, and Finland recently.