Momentum is a very interactive customized program using the SANE Approach

to get you as an individual out of the rut you are stuck in and experience the results you want. 


Newton’s First Law of Motion…

An object at rest stays at rest.

An object in motion stays in motion!


By definition… Momentum is the strength or force gained by motion or by a series of events.

With you even reading this right now, it’s an act of taking the next step to gain Momentum in your life.

Here’s the Sane Approach I take with each and every individual client to improve their, health, nutrition, fitness, and overall lifestyle!



Client support is of the utmost importance. It’s a very engaging and interactive experience including in the health and fitness lifestyle coaching you’ll get in Momentum. Weekly calls, daily access via text message, and a robust client website will guide you through a simple step-by-step process to experience the results you deserve.




Momentum is looking for commitments from you to reach your goals. The more committed you show up, the more powerful the follow-through. This creates powerful impact we together will be able to have in your life. I’ll be there to help implement your commitments for yourself and ask insightful questions to guide you in the best direction possible.




Learn how to approach nutrition without fad diets or old myths that have been passed around for too long. The science-back process around learning how to eat and what foods will work best for you to stay as productive as possible while reaching your goals are built around your active & busy lifestyle. We will talk at length about how to incorporate what is going to deliver the results you want.




Exercise is built around progression and overload. We will assess your current fitness level and develop a plan that is appropriate for you to follow and progress to better fitness levels while redefining your body. Most importantly, it won’t involve hours upon hours in the gym or doing exercises you don’t want to do! (Nobody really likes burpess!)



  1. COMMUNICATION WITH OTHERS AFTER THE CALL… If you require a discussion with a significant person in your life, such as a partner or a spouse who will play a role in making decisions regarding your self-care for your health, PLEASE invite them to the call!!! This prevents the situation where you’ve spent both of our time only to have to discuss matters afterward. I promise I’ll be able to answer, and explain more in-depth about any questions to my program better than you’ll be able to.

  2. PREPARE TO INVEST IN YOURSELF! Your time, finances, and future health are at stake! Living in Poor Health costs significantly way more money, energy, and most importantly TIME! Come prepared to actively engage taking action to improve your health and overall well-being!

  3. MOVE BEYOND THINKING ABOUT IT… Chances are, you’ve already dedicated considerable time contemplating your health and nutrition. Once we’re on a call, it’s all about taking that next step! Don’t Delay, Take Action!

  4. HOW HARD IS THE PROGRAM?!? Simple is easy, and easy gets done! We will be rolling up our sleeves together to figure out the education/knowledge gaps, set achievable goals, create positive Momentum for lifestyle and behavior changes. I’m here to create a sustainable, enjoyable and repeatable process for you to get the results you are looking for. Check out my Client Results page HERE and hear it from their experience! 🤗