Module 1
The Ins and Outs of Flexible Dieting

In this video, understand the Ins & Outs of thousands of conversations with clients on how to create a “middle gear” around nutrition and dieting.

1) Defining What Health Is

2) Proper Macronutrients/Calories/Portions/Meal Design

3) How To Read A Nutrition Label

4) All Liquid Consumption

5) Best Ways To Use Supplementation

6) How To Manage Recipes

7) Still Not Losing Weight

8) Other Frequently Asked Questioned

What Foods Should I Eat

This simple comprehensive not complete visual guide allows you to design the perfect fat burning meal. Follow the easy meal template today and boost your metabolism.

Learn what the plate should look like with Proteins, Fibrous Carbs, and Starchy Carbs!

It also doubles as a shopping list.

Please download the Meal Design Worksheet to follow along with this video.

Meal Design Worksheet

The Meal Design Worksheet is here for you to pick 5 meals that you will completely enable you to be successful. Combining your meals in this manner will ensure the most fat-burning type of meal possible.


As humans, we naturally eat the same foods day in and day out. If we can start there and allow you to portion out foods better to achieve success then you’ll have the sustainable results you want.


Download and fill in your 5 ideal meals that you will truly enjoy. Once you get those portioned out then you can create 5 more foods.


By following this simple process you are only limited by your imagination and creativity in what types of meals you can it! It comes down to the combination and portion control of what you put into the meal.

Daily Diet Structure

When Should I Eat?


Learn the importance of having a daily diet structure for success. Coach Brian shares his own eating schedule and suggests mapping out specific meal times (within an hour or 2 – don’t eat from an alarm clock) and types of food to create balance and success.


Please fill out this worksheet to create ideal meal times to align your meals with your daily schedule.

Best Tools For Flexible Dieting

This PDF shows you all the tools you need to get and use to have complete success with the flexible dieting lifestyle.

Check out all of the tools that will boost your ability to have great results. My favorite is the shiatsu massager! Literally the best Amazon purchase ever!

10 Mindset Shifts You Need For Momentum

– **Mindset Shifts Coaching Call Summary:** 
1. **Am I Good Enough?**
– Comparing yourself to others can lead to self-doubt.
– Focus on your individual progress and maintain a positive mindset.

2. **Worrying About Others’ Opinions:**
– Fear of judgment can hinder personal change.
– Challenge negative thoughts, identify their origin, and dispel them.

3. **Lack of Self-Belief:**
– Deep belief in your ability to achieve goals is crucial.
– Overcome self-sabotage by fostering a strong inner belief.

4. **Not Having a Strategy:**
– A lack of direction results in minimal results.
– Develop a clear plan and possibly model after someone successful.

5. **Breaking Through Walls:**
– Overcome obstacles by finding creative solutions.
– Set yourself up for success in personal health and wellness.

6. **Can’t Stay Focused:**
– Evaluate time management and prioritize mind and body improvement.
– Avoid getting overwhelmed with conflicting information.

7. **Negative Thought Patterns:**
– Use a pattern interrupt (e.g., rubber band) for negative thoughts.
– Maintain a positive self-worth and belief in your capabilities.

8. **External Validation Dependency:**
– Relying on others for validation can hinder progress.
– Focus on intrinsic motivation and personal goals.

9. **Lack of Confidence:**
– Align actions with goals to boost confidence.
– Believe in your capacity to change and achieve.

10. **Fear of Failure:**
– Embrace failure as part of the learning process.
– Commit to personal growth and open yourself to opportunities.

This coaching call provides valuable insights into overcoming mental barriers, fostering a positive mindset, and taking proactive steps toward achieving health and fitness goals.