Module 10
Making Meals That Work

How To Close The Macro Gap At The End Of The Day

Looking at your food tracker at the end of the day and aren’t quite sure what to eat?


Here are a few options that can point you in the right direction to help you fill in the macro gaps.


This will help you identify what food is and how to pick the best choices for you.

How To Create Your Own Meal Ideas

The video discusses creating ideal meals based on prior discussions about tracking food, calculating calories, and using website resources.

– Client’s Request: Matt wanted more help designing meals. I created 13 options aligning with Matt’s preferences and the “What Foods Should I Eat” PDF.

– Meal Details: Each meal is around 550 calories, fitting Matt’s daily target of 2,200 calories, comprising proteins, fibrous carbs, and starchy carbs in specific quantities.

– Meal Planning Process: Here’s a simple approach, using calories and macros. Highlights the importance of fiber content for filling meals.

– Cooking and Variety: Advising tracking ingredients on MyFitnessPal, offering cooking suggestions (e.g., grilling chicken thighs), and promoting variety through different seasonings.


How to set a powerful vision in which you will be unstoppable in the next 12 months.


This is a must watch to firmly cement in your targets you want to hit this year. This video involves guided visualization in which we will review the last 12 months, where you are at presently, and most importantly where the future will take you.


Please have a pen & paper, and  an undistracted 60-90 mins to properly experience this VisionCast.

Why Journal?

Listed in this worksheet is all you need to know to get started with journaling. Out of all the things that I’ve searched through – many say that journaling is one of their top productive secrets to being successful.


Download the notes and start today to learn more about yourself and live in gratitude.