Module 11
Flexibility For The Win

Volumetrix and Flexible Dieting

When it comes to food – you can either eat a lot of low calorie dense foods and feel stuffed all day long.


You can also eat a bunch of higher calorie dense foods which could leave your stomach feeling empty.

The Ultimate Bodyweight Cardio Workout Resource

How you use this for a workout…

Pick 3-10 exercises, using an interval timer app, exercise for 60 sec with 20-30 sec rest between exercises, repeat up to 5 rounds of this circuit. this workout should last between 30-45 mins and performed at a high intensity.


Same workout – 4 rounds of 60 sec exercise/30 sec rest – Predator Jacks, Plank Toe Touches, Spiderman Mountain Climbers, Split Jumps.


Another way to build this into a workout is to pair the body weight cardio exercises with either body weight, machine, or free weight exercises. Use the same structure from above.


Same workout:  4 rounds of 60 sec exercise/30 sec rest – Squats, Predator Jacks, Pushups, Spiderman Mountain Climbers, Situps, Split Jumps.

(Resource is from Men’s Health Magazine)

Your Happy Place

In this guided visualization, you’ll need to set aside at least 55 mins to deep dive into some of the most valuable training I have given.


The tools and resources that you’ll cover will allow you to stick to your vision of yourself easier than ever. I’ve spent a lot of time and money researching to find these strategies and techniques.


You’ll need quiet, paper, pencil, an open mind to absorb everything inside “Your Happy Place”. You’ll want to rely on the powerful techniques that resonate with you the most daily.