Module 12
Building The Best You

Gut Health 101

Key points for better digestion:

1. Digestive Process:
– Explained the digestive journey from the mouth to the intestines.

2. Signs of Poor Gut Health:
– Highlighted triggers like gluten, dairy, and soy.

3. Factors Affecting Gut:
– Explored factors like antibiotics, aging, and lifestyle choices.

4. Improving Gut Health:
– Recommended lifestyle changes, including fiber-rich foods and a regular eating schedule.

5. Practical Steps:
– Advocated for a balanced plate approach and diverse diet.
– Stressed the importance of water intake.

– Advised on incorporating probiotics and gut-friendly foods.

14 Day Fat Loss Sprint

If you are looking for the fastest way to get to your results while cutting out all of the extras, then the 14-day Fat Loss Sprint is for you.

This is very much an elimination diet in which you take out any type of food that is likely to slow your initial results down.

Traction is what we want and following the 14-Day Fat Loss Sprint will get you there quickly.
This is a last-ditch effort if you aren’t having progress.

Enhanced Character Builder

Objective: The enhanced character builder guides you in creating your future self through envisioning key aspects like exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle habits.


Focus Areas:
– Future Lifestyle: Consider exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle habits.
– Sleep and Stress: Reflect on sleep, stress management, and energy.
– Physical Goals: Outline future physical and performance capabilities.

– Write It Down: Articulate and practice your future vision.
– Character Description: Craft a compelling story about your future self.
– Emotional Connection: Reflect on emotions and sensations associated with your future self.


– Prompt Completion: Turn in your exercise promptly for a seamless journey.

– Compelling Story: A captivating future narrative makes your transformation journey more manageable. Eagerly awaiting your submission!

What Is Love? Self-Love and Why It Is So Important



  • The Enhanced Character Builder Exercise is to help guide you towards your future self. You know- the one who loves to workout, eat healthy and just have an overall active lifestyle.


  • Fill this out and make it as accurate as possible so that you can dream up your future self and bring your future reality here and now.