Module 3
The Healthy Mindset


Learn why mobility is significantly important to keeping you loose and mobile for all the activities you are doing. This is something you’ll want to spend time doing most days of the week.


Learn how to use:



*Lacrosse Ball

*Foam Roller

Exercise Training Pyramid

If you are looking for the fastest way to get to your results while cutting out all of the extras, then the 14 day Fat Loss Sprint is for you.

This is very much an elimination diet in which you take out any type of food that is likely to slow your initial results down.

Traction is what we want and following the 14 Day Fat Loss Sprint will get you there quick.

The Power of Habits

What you do everyday determines how your results will be in your life. In this video, learn how to set and follow through on powerful habits and routines that will easily allow you to reach your goal.


Living a life that you are excited about your body and beyond comes down to your top priorities


-Habits play a powerful role in our lives, affecting our health and success.

– Three-Step Loop:
1. Cue: Triggers like hunger, boredom, or stress initiate the habit loop.

2. Routine: The physical, mental, or emotional behavior that follows the cue, such as reaching for food when stressed.

3. Reward: Positive stimulus that reinforces the routine, like the pleasure from eating, creating a loop.

– Keystone Habit: Identifying and adopting a main habit, like daily exercise, can lead to positive chain reactions in various areas of life.

– Goal Setting and Small Wins: Focusing on small wins daily, like drinking more water or starting with 30 minutes of planned activity, builds momentum for larger behavioral changes.

Have Your iPhone Work For You

The iPhone could be an incredible tool, but most people use their phone as a life-shortening distraction device.


However, if you take the time to follow the steps in this article you will be more productive, more focused, and — I’m not joking at all — live longer.


Click the image to visit the website link from Better Humans. They do have one for Android and iMac as well.

How To Read Nutrition Labels

One of the most important issues related to nutrition is reading food labels. Dive into this worksheet to further understand what your foods are made of and how they impact your daily nutrition.

The Healthy Nutrition Stack aka "The Simple Six"

Simple Six” Nutrition Stack:

  1. Water: Prioritize hydration with 64 to 100 ounces daily. Water is crucial for various bodily functions, including hormone production, temperature regulation, and digestion.


  2. Protein: Aim for 100-150g for women and 115-200g for men daily. It aids in muscle and tissue repair, boosts metabolism, and reduces cravings for carbs. Include 20-40g of protein post-workout.


  3. Fiber: Ensure sufficient fiber intake (about 12g per 1,000 calories) to curb hunger, aid digestion, maintain weight, and improve gut health.


  4. Moderate Carbs: Choose starchy carbs like whole grains and root vegetables. Balanced meals throughout the day prevent blood sugar spikes and help control body fat levels.


  5. Limit Fat: While healthy fats are essential, be mindful of the calorie density. Include nuts, olive oil, and avocados in moderation.


  6. Reduce Sugar Intake: Minimize added sugars, as they impact hormones like insulin and contribute excess calories, leading to body fat storage. Opt for colorful, fiber-rich carb sources.


This nutritional strategy emphasizes hydration, protein for muscle health, fiber for satiety, balanced carb intake, controlled fat consumption, and reduced sugar for overall well-being.