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The Hard Decisions Made Easy

Eating Out - How To Make It Work For Me

Nearly 35 tips on eating out at a Restaurant.


*How To Pick The Right Restaurant

*Tips On Ordering

*And More

Here’s the text I commonly send out to clients…

🥦Eating Out & What To Do🍊

Some of my favorite go to options that work best…

-Check the menu out online to make a decision before you go.

-Ordering a protein and double vegetables can often cut down on

Nearly 300-500 calories coming from starchy carbs!

-On the menu, look for food that’s steamed, grilled, roasted, poached.

-Try to order cooked without oil or butter.

-Ask for half of the meal to be packaged up to take home – instantly save 500 plus calories.

-Drink 1 glass of water before you eat anything.

-Try to get at least 2 glasses drank before you leave.

-Most meals will be 1000 minimum so just eating half will always

Keep calories within reason.

-Order first before everyone who nobody influences your choice!

-Take your time eating, be one of the last ones done.

-Ask for sauces/dressings on the side then use the dip and stab method.

-Skip the bread basket as one slice could be up to 100 calories a piece.

-Share the plate with someone.

-Avoid high calorie drinks

-If ordering a drink, swap the drink for the starchy carb.

stick to 1 and try to keep the calories low.

Alcohol and How To Maintain Weight Loss

What do you do in those “sticky situations” when sweets, treats and anything else that will throw you off your food plan arises?


– Basic facts about alcohol: Ethanol is the main type of alcohol we drink, formed from carbohydrates in grains or fruits. Alcohol provides 7 calories per gram.

– Caloric impact: Alcohol is liquid and doesn’t fill you up, making it easy to overindulge. Regular alcohol consumption can positively affect insulin sensitivity but hinders fat oxidation.

– Metabolism and storage: While alcohol itself can’t be stored as body fat, it accelerates the rate at which your body stores dietary fat. The liver processes alcohol efficiently but blocks fat oxidation.

– Enzyme and processing limits: Liver alcohol dehydrogenase limits how much alcohol the body can oxidize. A typical person processes about one drink per hour.

– Health effects: Moderate alcohol consumption may have health benefits like a strong immune system and reduced risk of certain conditions, but excessive drinking can lead to various health issues, including weight gain.


 Emphasize moderation and provide practical tips for managing alcohol intake while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Consider breaking down complex information into bite-sized, witty sentences to keep your audience’s attention.

Bodyweight Workouts

Without a doubt if you haven’t been doing anything for weeks, starting with bodyweight workouts around 15-20 mins for 7-20 days will help your body and lifestyle start to shift towards exercise without overwhelming you to get to the gym and do a bunch of exercises you may not be familiar with or worst – make yourself too sore.

Find the “Anywhere Workouts” image above in the “Achieve Your Ideal Body” pdf.


Click the link below to download a pdf with 20 – 20 min bodyweight workouts that will get you a great workout no matter your fitness level or location to do it!

How To Best Do Cardio

Humans were built to move. It’s critically important that you move throughout the day. If you have a desk job or find yourself on the couch after your work day is over, you will definitely need to alot extra time to move.


Sedentary living has plagued our society more so now then ever before. From obesity, heart disease, diabetes, to depression are among the leading health issues for our nation.


I’m a huge fan of 10k steps and have seen in countless times people getting at least that many steps on averages as a minimum has become a great weight management strategy!

Best Cardio Workouts

Check out these higher intensity workouts that really burn some calories in a short amount of time. If you don’t have time to get your steps in then you must workout harder to get them in the time you do have.

running, woman, race-4782722.jpg