Module 5
Freedom of Healthy Eating

Freedom Through Flexibility


It’s a method of dieting that revolves around meeting daily macronutrient intake targets.


Counting macros is superior to counting just calories. It allows you to focus on improving body composition. Once you learn what your food choices really are in terms of carbs, protein, and fat – you will be forever free from traditional dieting.


Learn about how to use a calorie tracker for a flexible diet approach. Once you realize whats in the food you are eating, it gets a whole lot easier!

The Art of Motivation

Motivation can come and go but if you understand some key components to motivation, you can then draw upon it any time you want.

Learn a number of strategies and tactics you can start using today to get yourself motivated NOW!


– Motivation is the deep inner desire to overcome and achieve goals, starting with identifying the “Why” and connecting with the vision for oneself.

– Obstacles become significant when focus wavers from the core motivation; maintaining a strong sense of purpose is crucial.

– Motivation acts as a muscle that needs exercise; consistent commitment and visualization help strengthen it over time.

– Simplifying life, minimizing distractions, and staying organized enhance motivation, leading to increased productivity and success.

The Donut Situation

What do you do in those “sticky situations” when sweets, treats and anything else that will throw you off your food plan arises?


Have a plan of attack for you to navigate your own “Donut Situations”.


Exercise Frameworks

Learn simple concepts around exercise.


In this video,

-How To Construct Workouts

-What Type of Exercise Routine You Should Do

-How to manage workouts whether at the gym or some where else

and more.