Module 7
A Long Day Better Optimized

Hydration 101

– Water is Essential: Like oil to a car, water is crucial for your body’s health.

– Back Pain Connection: Proper hydration reduces back pain by keeping spinal discs well-lubricated.

– Aids Digestion: Water helps saliva break down food during digestion, preventing a dry mouth.

– Choose Hydrating Foods: Opt for “living foods” like fruits and veggies for hydration and nutrients.

– Dehydration Awareness: Recognize signs, like weak thirst signals, and stay hydrated even during pregnancy.

Hydration is not just about drinking; it’s a key player in overall well-being. Encourage water-rich food choices and be aware of dehydration signs.

Super Shakes

Learn what super shakes are and how you can include them in your daily nutrition choices.

Learn how to build a super nutritious shake in a matter of minutes that meets your needs in a delicious way!

I’ve learned to use frozen broccoli. Colored peppers, or carrots actually sweeten up the shake.

12 Week Strength Training

Follow this 12-week strength program designed for beginner to intermediate levels.


This program allows for plenty of variety so you don’t have to “feel bored” at the gym. You’ll always be pushing your body in many ways too.


Three separate months are designed to build and tone your body using multiple different methods from body weight, machines, and free weight exercises.

How To Be Productive During 16 Hour Busy Days

Discover simple strategies and tactics to allow you to have the most success possible despite an overly busy schedule.


The time will pass regardless, what matters is your intentions around that time. When you create intention in busy days to still have success in that day to push you towards your goals, you’ll stay on target, feel more successful in your health journey, and not slow down.


– Optimal Timing for Workouts: Suggests working out in the first hour of waking to boost energy, focus, and productivity throughout the day.

– Nutritional Guidelines: Recommends avoiding liquid calories, emphasizing black coffee for caffeine, staying hydrated with water, and incorporating protein-rich, low-carb meals with plenty of vegetables.


– Meal Preparation Strategies: Advocates for meal prepping with a focus on simplicity and efficiency. Recommends preparing protein sources like chicken or eggs in batches for easy consumption.


– Supplement Suggestions: Recommends vitamin D3 supplementation, incorporating powerful greens through supplements like Athletic Greens or chocolate-flavored options, and using protein powder in a pinch.


– Productivity Tips: Stresses the importance of getting enough sleep and scheduling breaks throughout the day to maintain productivity. Encourages setting realistic tasks and prioritizing them effectively.