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Welcome to the EXERCISE page.

This page has all of the EXERCISE resources listed in order of importance top to bottom.

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Exercise Training Pyramid

  • Exercise Pyramid
    Exercise Pyramid

    If you are looking for the fastest way to get to your results while cutting out all of the extras, then the 14 day Fat Loss Sprint is for you.

    This is very much an elimination diet in which you take out any type of food that is likely to slow your initial results down.

    Traction is what we want and following the 14 Day Fat Loss Sprint will get you there quick.

Exercise Frameworks

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Learn simple concepts around exercise.

In this video,

*How To Construct Workouts

*What Type of Exercise Routine You Should Do


Mobility 101

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Learn why mobility is significantly important to keeping you loose and mobile for all the activity you are doing.

Learn how to use:



*Lacrosse Ball

*Foam Roller


Body Weight Workouts – A Great Place To Start!

  • 20-20 Minute Workouts
    20-20 Minute Workouts

    These 20 – 20 min workouts are designed to allow you to workout even when the excuses are mounting.

    Take these on the road, in your living room, or to the gym to get some great calorie burned.

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Without a doubt if you haven’t been doing anything for weeks, starting with bodyweight workouts around 15-20 mins for 7-20 days will help your body and lifestyle start to shift towards exercise without overwhelming you to get to the gym and do a bunch of exercises you may not be familiar with or worst – make yourself too sore.


Find the “Anywhere Workouts” image above in the “Achieve Your Ideal Body” pdf.


How to Best Do Cardio

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Humans were built to move. It’s critically important that you move throughout the day. If you have a desk job or find yourself on the couch after your work day is over, you will definitely need to alot extra time to move.

Sedentary living has plagued our society more so now then ever before. From obesity, heart disease, diabetes, to depression are among the leading health issues for our nation.


  • Benefits of Cardio
    Benefits of Cardio

    In this continued section of Cardio, I detail out which cardio is best for weight loss and which one you should consider for yourself to do.

    We are always interested in progression whether that’s walking turned into longer & faster walks or turned into running. Pushing yourself to the next level is important.

  • Best Cardio Workout
    Best Cardio Workout

    FIrst off, the best cardio workout is the one that actually gets done. After that – the best fat burning workout is unanimously intervals. 

    Listed in the “Best Cardio Workout” worksheet you will find 4 different styles for you to choose from that will be a guaranteed butt kicker.

Build Better Abs

  • Build Better Abs
    Build Better Abs

    In this video and pdf, learn how to design your own ab workouts that will build the muscle, tone, and definition you desire.

  • Ab Exercises
    Ab Exercises

    Here are 36 different ab exercises for you to include in your exercise routine.

Push Pull Workout Formula

  • Push Pull Workout Formula
    Push Pull Workout Formula

    The job was to create a simple and easy workout you could follow in the gym that not only was effective, but created the variety you wanted so you wouldn’t become bored with it.

    With the Push & Pull Workout, these exact specifications are met! You’ll know exactly how to build highly effective fat burning workouts with unlimited variety. Just download the pdf and watch the video for detailed instructions.

Real World Coaching for Exercise Prescription

  • How To Create Your Own Exercise Prescription
    How To Create Your Own Exercise Prescription

    In this video, I go through how I prescribed creating an exercise plan for Kelly and thought it was so good that I decided to post it in here. Download the image of the white board and follow along with the video.

12 Week Strength Training Program

  • 12 Week Strength Training Program (Beginner/Intermediate)
    12 Week Strength Training Program (Beginner/Intermediate)

    Follow this 12 week strength program designed for beginner to intermediate levels. This program allows for plenty of variety so you don’t have to “feel bored” at the gym. You’ll always be pushing your body in many ways too. Three separate months designed to build and tone your body using multiple different methods from body weight, machines, and free weight exercises.

Advanced 5 Week Strength Training Program

  • Advanced 5 Week Strength Training Program
    Advanced 5 Week Strength Training Program

    This exercise programming is designed for someone more advanced in their training and is looking for a challenge. If you are confident in your abilities in the gym and are up for a challenge, this will certainly fit the bill. There will be a variety of cardio, bodyweight, free weight, and machines used throughout the workouts listed.

Full Body Single Dumbbell Workout (Add In For Variety)

The Ultimate Body Weight Cardio Workout Resource

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”16″ font_color=”%23cc0000″ line_height=”23″]Check this video out to learn about some of the best bodyweight cardio movements. In fact, there are 70 body weight exercises crammed into less than 3 mins of video.

How you use this for a workout…

Pick 3-10 exercises, using an interval timer app, exercise for 60 sec with 20-30 sec rest between exercises, repeat up to 5 rounds of this circuit. this workout should last between 30-45 mins and performed at a high intensity.

Same workout – 4 rounds of 60 sec exercise/30 sec rest – Predator Jacks, Plank Toe Touches, Spiderman Mountain Climbers, Split Jumps.

Another way to build this into a workout is to pair the body weight cardio exercises with either body weight, machine, or free weight exercises. Use the same structure from above.

Same workout:  4 rounds of 60 sec exercise/30 sec rest – Squats, Predator Jacks, Pushups, Spiderman Mountain Climbers, Situps, Split Jumps.

(Resource is from Men’s Health Magazine)[/text_block]

Next Level “In The Gym” Workouts (Intermediate/Advanced)

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So you’ve evolved from the body weight workouts and the push/pull workout formula. So what’s next? The “In The Gym” workouts are designed to help give you further exercise prescription for your gym workouts.

These workouts are designed to continue to follow the superset manner you experienced in the push/pull workouts to continue time efficiency alongside burning as much body fat/building muscle as you can.

The best way to approach using these is to alternate each of the Chest/Back/Shoulder/Full Body workouts with a cardio session. Allow a rest day every 3-4 days to allow your body to recover from the movement.


  • Chest Workout
    Chest Workout

    Perform Chest, Tricep, Leg exercises in this routine.

  • Back Workout
    Back Workout

    Perform Back, Bicep, Leg exercises in this routine.


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In this webinar recording you’ll learn – What Are Ergonomics, Musculoskeletal Disorders, How to Properly Sit/Stand/Lift, Setting Up Your Workspace, Desk Stretches.


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